Q36.5 Lady Jersey long sleeve (+8°C)

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Cycling Jersey Long Sleeve Woman black

This 3-season long sleeve jersey from our Wind Control category uses our avant-garde smart fabrics in designs that conform to the different demands of a woman’s body. The jersey is designed for high intensity training in mid-season. Cut and fit are specifically calibrated for a woman’s anatomy, with a double layer added to the chest area.

Thanks to fabric mixes, calculated placement and cut, this jersey can reduce heat loss and thus maintains a more stable body temperature: we call it “Anti-Condensation Development“.

This process boasts a high absorption/emission rate of moisture before it has time to change into sweat due to condensation. It minimises the dangerous heat loss that condensation can cause in mid-season training conditions.
The body generates natural heat during physical activity, creating a microclimate. The objective is to keep this microclimate stable and use it, speeding up the exchange of vapour before it turns into sweat.
The Long Sleeve Jersey Woman is lightweightcompact and cosy, designed with a comfortable fit for maximum freedom of movement.

Reflective inserts have been added on the back to enhance visibility. A subtle floral texture adorns the chest, adding an elegant touch.


80% Polyamide
17% Elastane
23% Polyester


+8° C


180 g.



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Q36.5 Lady Jersey long sleeve (+8°C)
Q36.5Lady Jersey long sleeve (+8°C)
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